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Separation and Divorce can take a significant toll on you and your family.

At Sodagar Nielsen Law Group, we strive to reduce the stress and uncertainty associated with your family law matter. Our team is well-versed and experienced in a wide range of family law issues. Our goal is to provide direction and support to achieve the results best suited for you and your family.

We are passionate and committed to every client. We are results oriented and we provide clear strategies to resolve your family law matter. Our approaches are innovative and our team views every case through multiple critical lenses to develop the best strategy for a winning case.


Adoption is the legal transfer of guardianship from a child’s former parents to the adoptive parents. At Sodagar Nielsen Law Group, our lawyers have an in-depth knowledge of family, agency, and step-parent adoptions. Family adoption usually occurs if a parent passes away or is unfit to raise a child. Step-parent adoption is defined by the adoption of the child by his or her step-parent. Lastly, agency adoption is when a child is adopted through a third party or adoption agency.

Hiring an experienced lawyer is critical to protect your rights and your adopted child's rights, throughout the process, and to help move the adoption along in an efficient manner.


Cohabitation Agreements

Common-Law Relationships are relationships where parties are not married but cohabit in a "marriage like relationship". Common law partners have the same rights as married partners where they have cohabited for a period of 2 years in a "marriage like relationship".

Cohabitation agreements are agreements drafted between parties to remove the uncertainty and risks that may arise from a relationship breakdown. Cohabitation agreements can be made between individuals currently living together or those planning to be living together in the near future. It is a contract that outlines each party's rights and obligations, especially as it relates to property division and support, in the event of a relationship breakdown.

A cohabitation agreement may even be drafted after the parties have lived together for a period of 2 years, although most individual opt to have an agreement in place prior to the 2 year mark.

Marriage Agreements also referred to as Prenuptial Agreements

Marriage agreements, often also referred to as prenuptial agreements, are created in order to predetermine what happens in the event that a marriage comes to an end. In Canada the term used by the courts for married partners is a marriage agreement and not prenuptial agreement, because of the common misconception that a marriage agreement must be made prior to the marriage. In fact, a marriage agreement may be made at anytime before or during the marriage.

A marriage agreement harnesses a sense of security and confidence knowing that a plan is in place should the unlikely event occurs.

Separation Agreements

A separation agreement is an agreement to resolve disputes from a relationship breakdown and it may include terms related to parenting arrangements, property division, debt resolution, and child and spousal support. A separation agreement is usually the most cost effective way to resolve disputes as opposed to litigation. It also allows the parties to tailor a separation agreement best suited to their needs and their children's needs, rather than leave those decisions to be made by a judge .

Divorce and Separation

Ending a relationship, through divorce or separation, is a daunting and stressful experience for the parties involved. We understand that many cases are time-sensitive and require precise navigation through the intricacies of the legal system. At Sodagar Nielsen Law Group, we place a special emphasis towards finding strategies that delivers results, either through alternative dispute resolution strategies or litigation.


Litigation involves court intervention to obtain a resolution. Litigation is particularly useful where there is a need to for swift and effective measures to address immediate issues of family violence or the risk of dissipation of assets. The litigation process also has built in mechanisms for discovery and disclosure from the the parties.

Most cases settle prior to trial. In part, because the parties are motivated to resolve their dispute once they have seen how difficult the litigation process can be both emotionally and financially.

As a result, we recommend litigation as a last resort in your family law dispute.

We are experienced litigators and we advocate on behalf of our clients to advance their interests in court


Mediation is common for spouses who seek an amicable resolution to their separation or divorce, outside of court. Ultimately, our goal is to arrive at a solution or agreement that satisfies our clients so that they will be able to move forward as quickly and easily as possible.

Parenting, Guardianship, Custody, and Access/Parenting Time

Child parenting disputes are sensitive matters as your child may be significantly affected by the process as well as the outcome. The courts are ultimately only concerned with the "bests interests of the child". We understand that the safety and security of any child involved in a custody dispute is of utmost concern. Our lawyers are determined to ensure that your child’s well-being is prioritized and that future conflict between parents or guardians are avoided. Our knowledge and extensive experience enables us to resolve the family conflict in a timely and pragmatic fashion. We provide you with support and information regarding your rights and options that address the best interests of your child.

Child and Spousal Support

Child Support

Parents are responsible for supporting their children regardless of whether they physically see or care for them. Understanding the mechanics of child support and determining who is entitled to pay may be confusing, but our experienced team at Sodagar Nielsen Law Group will ensure that a fair outcome is achieved that prioritizes your child’s well-being.

Spousal Support

Depending on the nature of your relationship, spousal support may be applicable with the higher income spouse usually paying support to the lower income spouse. At Sodagar Nielsen Law Group, we understand that each case is unique and requires client tailored advice . Our team will help you determine whether you are entitled to receive or pay spousal support and a fair amount and for what duration the support should be handed.

If the spouses cannot agree on child and/or spousal support payments, it is ultimately the courts that decide the appropriate amount and duration of support.

At Sodagar Nielsen Law Group, we understand the complexity and ever-changing nature of immigration legislation and policies. Our lawyers are well-versed in the full range of immigration-related matters. We have in-depth knowledge of not only how immigration law works, but how immigration policy is implemented and the impact it has on your immigration law issue. We take the complication out by finding solutions best suited for our clients.

Access to Information and Privacy Requests

Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) are acts that came into effect for the purpose of providing information to those who desire it or want to make corrections pertaining to their personal information from the government. The ATIP allows you to obtain information that is recorded with the relevant governmental body and allows you to determine whether the information is indeed correct. Furthermore, it allows you to tailor any subsequent applications to the governmental agencies to address any issues or concerns raised by the officer on your file.


Immigration Appeal Division

The Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) is responsible for handling all appeals pertaining to immigration, including, but not limited to, sponsorship and residency matters. We understand the anxiety and difficulty felt as a result of a denied application.

Judicial Reviews

Individuals generally resort to seeking a judicial review from the Federal Court when refused a temporary or permanent resident visa . Judicial review is a complicated process that involves the rules of the Federal Court.

Judicial reviews consist of two steps, the leave stage and the application for judicial review stage. The leave stage is essentially the part of the process where all documents pertaining to your case are reviewed by the court to determine whether leave is granted. Our team will ensure that you submit substantial documentation to support your claim. If leave is granted, then the second step is the application for judicial review where you and your lawyer participate in a hearing before court.

Family Class Immigration / Family Class Sponsorship

Canada’s immigration law recognizes the importance of family reunification. In Canada you can sponsor a spouse, same-sex spouse or common-law partner, or a dependent child to immigrate to Canada. There are multiple different types family sponsorship. We understand that the application process can be both emotional and complicated. We strive to take the stress out of your sponsorship application to help you reunite with your loved ones.

Citizenship Applications

Applying for citizenship may be a daunting task that requires significant guidance, particularly if there are any physical residency issues or criminality issues. Our team can handle your citizenship applications from start to finish.

Federal Skilled Worker and Canadian Experience Class - Permanent Residence

Applying for Canadian permanent residence as a Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) or the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) under the Express Entry program entails meeting lengthy and sometimes complicated list of eligibility requirements. To be classified as a FSW or CEC, your work experience, language ability, education experience, economic standing, and other selection requirements are thoroughly assessed. At Sodagar Nielsen Law Group, we thoroughly assess your eligibility criteria at the outset to ensure the success of your application.

Work Permit - LMIA Based Work Permits

LMIA Work Permit

The Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is the most popular method for temporary foreign workers to work in Canada. There are basic eligibility requirements to obtain an LMIA. A Canadian employer needs to submit an LMIA application to the Canadian government (Humand Resources and Social Development Canada) if they seek to hire a temporary foreign worker. If the LMIA is neutral or positive, then the foreign worker is able to apply for a work permit.

LMIA Global Talent Stream

The LMIA Global Talent Stream has been created for temporary foreign workers that are highly skilled and will benefit the Canadian workforce. It is designed to aid companies find specialized and unique foreign workers to fill in-demand positions that cannot be occupied or sufficiently taken by Canadian or Canadian permanent resident workers.

LMIA Owner Operation

As with most LMIA applications, employers are obligated to advertise the job positions to Canadian workers. However, under the LMIA Owner Operation stream, there is an exemption and this is not necessary. This program is dedicated to foreign nationals who strive to create or buy a business in Canada. There are multiple requirements that individuals must meet in order to be eligible to apply, including that they have a controlling interest in the business, be a majority shareholder; and prove that their business venture will create employment opportunities for Canadians and permanent residents.

Our team at Sodagar Nielsen Law Group are well-versed in all matters pertaining to work permits to ensure a successful application.

Permanent Resident Card Renewal

Renewing your permanent residency status may prove to be a difficult task given that there are many conditions associated with the process . To normally qualify for the renewal of your permanent resident status, you must live in Canada for at least 2 out of 5 consecutive years. Failure to do so may result in you losing your permanent resident status. However, there are exceptions . Our team at Sodagar Nielsen Law Group ensures that you are well aware of the conditions you must meet to maintain your status and exceptions that may apply to you, so that you may successfully renew your permanent resident status.

Provincial Nominee Program Applications

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) nominates candidates who can prove that they are committed to becoming permanent residents in Canada and intend to settle in a particular province. The PNP program targets international graduates and skilled workers belonging to jobs that are in high demand. The PNP program also targets entrepreneurs seeking to start an eligible business. The requirements vary depending on the category that the applicant is nominated under. Applicants are evaluated on a series of qualities, including income, work experience, international student status, and experience.

At Sodagar Nielsen Law Group, we strive to guide you through the entire application process. This entails determining your eligibility and preparing an application that results in a successful application.

Study Permit - Temporary Residence

If you are an individual seeking to pursue an education in Canada, you are required to have a valid study permit. You must meet certain eligibility requirements including admission at a Designated Learning Institution, and prove your intention to depart Canada at the end of your studies. Thereafter depending on your program of study and duration, you may be eligible for a post graduate work permit.

Many international students in Canada go on to obtain Canadian permanent residence.

At Sodagar Nielsen Law Group, we have successfully assisted students obtain study permits, including those who have been previously rejected.

Temporary Resident Permit

Temporary Resident Permits can be issued if you are otherwise inadmissible to Canada but have a sufficiently justifiable reason to travel to Canada. Eligibility is case specific and a high level of discretion is granted to the immigration officer assessing your application. Normally, at a starting basis, you must prove that your entry into Canada will not pose a security or health risk and thoroughly justify that your visit reaps no negative consequences. In essence, Temporary Resident Permits allow officers to respond to exceptional circumstances to meet Canada’s social, humanitarian and economic commitments while maintaining the health and security of Canadians. At Sodagar Nielsen Law Group, we have handled numerous temporary resident permits and we can help you through this process.

Visitor Visa - Temporary Residence

The process of applying for a Canadian visitor visa may be a daunting task as it can be complicated to navigate through the multiple steps, particularly if there have been past refusals. A visitor visa is an official document that is that allows you to enter Canada as a visitor. Like all other temporary resident applications, you need to meet a series of requirements in order to gain approval for a Canadian visitor visa. Some requirements include: having a valid travel document, have no criminal convictions, possess sufficient economic means to support the duration of your stay, have a letter of invitation from a Canadian resident, and meet specified health requirements.

Work Permit

Temporary foreign workers have become a significant source for labour in many Canadian companies. The goal is to fill the demands of employers who are unable to find candidates with the skills essential to effectively and efficiently impact the labour market. Sodagar Nielsen Law Group handles all matters pertaining to work permits and will provide you with the knowledge and guidance necessary to make informed decisions throughout the application process. Our expertise can be attributed to our experience processing numerous applications for our clients. Thus, we are confident that we can assist all potential applicants in increasing their chances for success. Work permits target a wide variety of individuals, including students and individuals seeking both full-time or part-time work. This may make it difficult to know whether this path is best suited for you. In order to ensure that you maximize your immigration opportunity, consulting a lawyer to determine the pathway best suited to you.