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Family Law

At Sodagar Nielsen Law Group, we strive to reduce the complexity associated with family law matters. We understand that the intricacies of the legal system coupled with the financial ramifications of settling matters take a significant toll on our clients. Our team is well-versed and experienced with a wide range of family law matters. Our goal is to provide guidance and support, as you undergo this sensitive time so that you arrive at a conclusive solution that is best suited for your needs. We are passionate and committed to every client, continuously ensuring that they are prioritized and given the clarification needed to thoroughly understand all dimensions of their case. Our approaches are innovative and our team views every case through multiple critical lenses so that all possibilities are accounted for. We will help you find the best path forward to create a new beginning.

We provide services on all family law matters, including the following:


Adoption is the legal transferring of complete guardianship from a child’s former parents to the adoptive parents. At Sodagar Nielsen Law Group, our lawyers have an in-depth knowledge of family, agency, and step-parent adoptions. Family adoption occurs if a parent passes away or is unfit to adequately raise a child, in which case a relative may be able to adopt the child. Step-parent adoption is defined by the adoption of the child by his or her step-parent. Lastly, agency adoption is when a child is adopted through a third party or adoption agency.

Hiring an experienced lawyer is critical to protect your rights throughout the process, and to help move the adoption along in an efficient manner. As you move through the process, our lawyers are available to answer your questions and to address any unforeseen issues efficiently.

Cohabitation Agreements

Cohabitation and Common-Law Relationships are matters that sometimes require legal attention, especially when trying to safeguard yourself from risks that may arise given any potential conflict within your relationship. Cohabitation agreements can be made between individuals currently living together or those planning to be living together in the near future. A cohabitation agreement establishes the distribution of your property, both joint and separate. It is a contract that outlines the specific terms of your relationship, including each individual’s rights and obligations. At Sodagar Nielsen Law Group, we ensure that your well-being and goals are prioritized. We take the time to understand your situation and the circumstances you are facing so that we can tailor an agreement for you.

Marriage Agreements and Pre-nuptial Agreements

Marriage and Prenuptial agreements are created in order to predetermine what happens in the event that a marriage comes to an end. To some, it harnesses a sense of security and confidence knowing that a plan is in place should the unlikely event occurs. Our lawyers at Sodagar Nielsen Law Group ensures that your marriage or prenuptial agreement warrants careful consideration of the practical aspects of your future. We will assist in assuring that a solid foundation of mutual understanding is established through the identification and clear communication of goals and intentions from the beginning.

Separation Agreements

If you and your spouse are in the process of ending your relationship, using a separation agreement has its merits. Both parties will hold the ability to come to a mutual decision regarding matters such as property division, child and spousal support, and debt resolution. It will be a more cost efficient strategy to conclude a relationship as opposed to resorting to the court to handle your separation matters. Our team guarantees transparency so that you are aware of your rights, obligations, and options relevant to your agreement.

Divorce and Separation

Ending a relationship, through divorce or separation, is a daunting and stressful experience for the parties involved. We understand that many cases are time-sensitive and require precise navigation through the intricacies of the legal system. At Sodagar Nielsen Law Group, we place special emphasis towards being discreet, yet effective when approaching matters. We work with you to strategize and discuss your options. We want you to be protected and ensure that the best interests of you and your family are confidently addressed.


At Sodagar Nielsen Law Group, we are well versed in efficient, cost-effective, alternative dispute resolution processes. However, we are always prepared for the possibility of needing to resolve legal issues through litigation.


Mediation is common for couples who are seeking amicable agreement regarding their separation or divorce, outside of court. Our mediators are responsible for unbiased conflict resolution by acting as a channel for communicating the interests of both parties. Ultimately, our goal is to arrive at a solution or agreement that satisfies our clients so that they will be able to move forward as quickly and easily as possible.


Negotiation entails that lawyers communicate between one another on behalf of their clients. At Sodagar Nielsen Law Group, we listen to the needs of our clients and establish transparent communication to ensure that we are well equipped with the necessary information to resolve the issue through negotations. If the circumstance arises in which both parties are unable to come to an agreement, we will be prepared to resort to litigation or mediation.

Parenting, Guardianship, Custody, and Access

Child custody and access are sensitive matters as your child may be significantly affected by the process as well as the outcome. We understand that the safety and security of any child involved in a custody dispute is of utmost concern. Our lawyers are determined to ensure that your child’s well-being is prioritized and that future conflict between parents or guardians is discontinued. Our knowledge and extensive experience enables us to resolve the family conflict in a timely and pragmatic fashion. At Sodagar Nielsen Law Group, we strive to provide parental or guardianship arrangements pertaining to child custody, parenting time, and child relocation. We provide you with support and information regarding your rights and options. If necessary, our lawyers are able to address your issue through whatever process is best suited for you you, whether that is through mediation, litigation, or negotiation.

Child Support

Parents are responsible for supporting their children regardless of whether they physically see or care for them. Understanding the mechanics of child support and determining who is entitled to pay may be confusing, but our experienced team at Sodagar Nielsen Law Group will ensure that a fair outcome is achieved that prioritizes your child’s wellbeing.

Spousal Support

Depending on the nature of your relationship prior to it ending, spousal support may be applicable. At Sodagar Nielsen Law Group, we address the fact that each case is unique and requires services specifically catered for every client. Our team will help you determine whether you are entitled to receive spousal support and ultimately, calculate a fair amount and for what duration the support should be handed.

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